See How Mark Zuckerberg Got 10 Times Richer than Aliko Dangote Within 7years

Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg is 35yrs old and has only one business, Facebook which launched in Feb 2004.

Aliko Dangote is 62yrs old, he has a business empire and has been in business for over 41years.

In 2012, Dangote was named the 43rd richest man in the world (Forbes) while Mark was 66th. In 2017, Mark became the 5th richest person, while Dangote dropped to 105th position. But in 2019, Mark became the 8th richest person, while Dangote became the 136th richest man in the world. 

Mark has achieved more globally in 7years than Dangote has done in 41years.


This is because Dangote started his business in the Industrial Age, which required physical strength to succeed. While Mark started his business in the Information Age, which requires intelligence. 

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