Pictures of Naira Marley Rolling and Smoking Weed Publicly Floods the Internet Today as Fans Reacts

The internet and social media at large today is flooded with the picture of the head-marlian otherwise known by his stage name as Naira Marley.

In the picture, the popular Nigerian artist is seen rolling weed reluctantly in the public while fans an what appeared to be security officers gazed upon him in awe.

The picture later spark some reactions on the internet where internet and social media users re-posted the picture with several funny captions like 

What Money Cannot Do, Too Much Money Can Do It... 👌👌
Make money cause it's necessary, imagine rapping Igbo (weed) in front of an officer😁🤣🤣

Make your money so that you won't have to hide either inside a bush, in a uncompleted building or in your room to wrap or smoke your blunt.

Money Stops Nonsense.

The same security agency surrounding Naira Marley while he is wrapping a blunt will beat a commoner found smoking a joint in an open space.


Naira Marley who is known for is uncut kinds of musical lyrics and dance moves became a widely celebrated figure and musical artist after he was arrested by the EFFC for alleged fraudulent acts (otherwise known as yahoo-yahoo) and was later granted a bail of 2million naira.

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