Senator Ben Bruce Looses Wife of 41 Years to Cancer

Senator Ben Bruce Murray, who is a Businessman Senator representing Bayelsa East (2015-2019), porpulary known by many as the Common Sense Senator and Advocate. Founder, Silverbird Group. Author of A Commonsense Revolution has made offical the loose of his best friend of 43 years and wife for 41 years.

In a heart warming message he shared on his social media handle, the common sense senator wrote,

‪I’m broken. Just lost my beautiful wife to cancer. She was my best friend for 43 years and my wife for 41 years. Cancer is real, but it shouldn’t be a death sentence - awareness, and early detection and treatment are key to survival. I miss her so so much. I’m broken.‬

‪Our children are devastated, I am too. But I have to be strong for them. Please put our family in your prayers. Like the sun, my wife was a blessing and touched the lives of everyone she met. Though she’s gone, she’d remain alive in our hearts forever. ‬

‪I miss you, my sweetheart, and my most beautiful girl, Evelyn Murray-Bruce. Forever yours, ❤️.‬

Our  hearts and positive thoughts are with you Mr senator on this trying times. You and your family wil be in our prayers. The sun will shine again in your family as you go through this tough times.

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