Uproar in Imo state as the Convoy of The Supreme Court Governor Attacked by Angry Youths

Imo Governor Attacked by Angry youths in Ebgema.

The Supreme Court Governor Of Imo State escaped death moments ago at Ohaji Egbema.

The youths of Mmahu community who upon sighting the Governor’s convoy started shouting “Onye Oshi Vote, Onye Oshi Vote” in perfectly united voice and then started throwing bottles and weapons on the Bullet proof SUV of who they believe to be the wrong person to rule them as Governor.

Uzodinma was however not allowed to come down from the car as security operatives whisked him away immediately.

However this little incident steered up several reactions as is it clear that the people don't want this man as their Governor,

The spokesman of the governor on social claimed that there wasn't any attack on his bos at all, in his own words, we were inside and some youths said they wanted him (the governor) to address them (the youth) directly because of the love they have for him and in the process of security operatives controlling them this happened. 

He then Disregard the lies as for nothing of such happened, however, the spokesman was quickly attacked verbally as of the protesters shouted on top of his voice that more attacks are on the way!!

While some of the Angry youths bear placards saying "Uzodinma can never walk freely anywhere in Imo state. He will be ruling Imo state by proxy"

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