Wife Cuts off Husband's Manhood Because of Calls From SideChick (Graphic Photos)

A bitter house wife has used chopped off her husband's manhood while he was sleeping because of consistent calls that her husband receives from his side-chick.

The shocking news broke in the early hours of today when a Facebook user shared the rather disturbing incident.

Many users reacted saying this heinous act was pre-meditated as this wife cut of her husband's groin thereby leaving the helpless man to drown in a pool oh his own blood.

Some said they strongly believe that marriage isn't a do or die affair, that if a man or woman isn't happy in a marriage, Instead of accumulating bitterness and bad energy that is is better to just quit the marriage and, stay single and be happy, full of positivity.

Married couples who couldn't tolerate cheating partners should simply walk away from the marriage rather than resorting to violence or outright killing. A cheat will always be a cheat. If you catch a cheating partner once or twice, quit the marriage in peace. Don't fight, don't kill.

Personally I'd say that some women haven't learnt anything! You think killing him will solve the problem? No, it will double your problem!

But then again, why will a man cheat? If you can't keep to the vow u took with your wife, why not remain single and keep jumping from Regina to chioma?

You can view the images from here.. I didn't share them here because they are too bad to unsee

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